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Outsourcing Your Payroll

Our payroll services for both employees and subcontractors include everything. 

In addition to period report filing requirements, we pay all taxes when due: per payroll as required, with the most common due dates being semi-weekly, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, annually, and per some states when a particular dollar amount is reached.

We provided the following service options:

  • Company & Employee setup and maintenance

  • Bonus, Overtime, Deductions & garnishments and other pay options

  • Multi-state processing - (we have clients with 3+ states = not a problem)

  • Tax Reporting and Payments electronically processed

  • Each Payroll processed with a full spectrum of reports 

  • Direct deposit of paychecks into one or more accounts

  • Online access for employees - review pay stubs

  • Vacation, Personal, and Sick Day tracking & Reporting

  • Pay-as-you-go Worker's Compensation insurance

  • Subcontractor / 1099 services & reporting

  • Add-ons for any customized requirements for your company


  • Courier service