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Outsourcing Your Bookkeeper

Hiring a bookkeeper frees up your schedule. It allows you to focus on what's important to you: providing goods and services to your customers. Let us provide the bookkeeping support you need and give you data you can rely on. 

When deciding whether or not to outsource your bookkeeping needs or hire a bookkeeper, the savings are easily measured. Outsourcing is one cost, one rate for services rendered; no hidden fees. There are no employer taxes due, extra insurance required, paid holidays, absenteeism, time and a half pay, the additional time required  for employee management, or fringe benefits such as paid time off for vacation and sick leave, or health insurance (including pro-rated amounts for part-time employees). 

From a professional perspective, when you outsource your bookkeeping needs to us, you are hiring the services of accountants not only having extensive experience in their field but who also hold degrees in accounting. We are specialists. We are focused completely on all aspects of bookkeeping and related responsibilities in order to maintain reliable, accurate records in an efficient manner.

Bookkeeping Services

On a timely basis, we will ensure that your books will be kept in order and the information accurate & up-to-date. We will record external activity such as payroll, retirement, banking & card activity, and industry-specific software transactions into the books. We will review and post income, expense and balance sheet transactions, and reconcile all bank accounts as well as credit card and any other financially-related accounts. We will close the books for that period - same with year-end processing.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services 

We have been doing cloud accounting with clients successfully for more than seven years. Working in the clouds - or virtual accounting - allows us to access the same accounting software and review transactions together as opposed to waiting until we can meet in person. As well, online collaborative meetings to review finances and business plans are not only a more productive use of time - due to avoiding such issues as the stress of being stuck in traffic - they also offer a more flexible schedule.